Friday, March 25, 2011

The Mines

The Mines, which previously known as Mines Shopping Fair launch its new name & logo on 10th March 2010. Over the last 2 years, CapitaMalls Asia had transformed The Mines to a contemporary neighborhood shopping mall with a major upgrading work inclusive of creating additional retails space, revamped the Carpark system, changing new wash rooms, created additional link bridges and new sets of escalators inside the mall.

I didn't know at all that the name of this shopping mall has changed nor did i know that previously it actually known as Mines Shopping Fair. All this while i just know it as Mines Wonderland and i'm still wondering what had happened to the 'original' Mines Wonderland. Whatever it is, shopping mall is still a shopping mall and the only difference is the canal that flows in The Mines.

supposed to be the main entrance

a small stage for one of the 1st anniversary celebration programs

here's the mall, of course only part of it :)

'the mines' which i wish is mine :)

i don't know why i like this little bridge so much ;)

the little bridge again

canal view from 'my little bridge'

closer view

canal with many empty boats

gentlemen enjoying the ride

Akiko san, do you remember this 'ikan'?

view from top (may be from first floor ka..)

can i join?

towards North lake (Nando's by the canal)

waiting for a ride?

closer look at the immortals

tempted to ride?

here's the fare hahahaha - a 15 minutes cable-car-ride to Genting only costs RM5

of course there's a price for pleasure - so who say money cannot buy happiness? May be yes but for temporary only

North lake at left hand side and South lake at the right, joint by the canal which runs through The Mines
(what am i writing? :)

'jetty' underneath

a pedestrian walk towards South lake

a reminder to myself - there's a light at the end of the tunnel

South lake at the end of this canal

typical view along the canal

fighting for food

It's time to go back and i noticed this - coffee & tea but hey, we're not selling coffee & tea :D

on the way home - sunset in KL

Things i know after this almost whole day trip;
- RM1 per entry for parking during weekdays
- real time number of vacant parking bay and location displayed electronically
- there's a surau on level 3 near to reject shop and book store
- impressive+clean 'ladies & gents' and all are f.o.c
- time runs so fast.. hihihihi


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