Sunday, January 30, 2011

Purple samurai sword

When we stopped by at Aso san's gift shop, Ken san has bought a samurai sword for Idin because he knew of Idin's interests in anything about samurai. Refer to this entry to see the gift shop. Unfortunately, when we were about to fly back to KL, this sword was confisticated by custom officer and we sadly returned it to Ken san (luckily he and Akiko san were still there until we disappeared ourselves to the waiting area, otherwise the sword would have been thrown into the rubbish bin nearby - meant for throwing confisticated items). What an experience..

                      it's a key chain samurai sword
                      prohibited from boarding a plane

                finally reached us thru Mr Postman!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm uploading the missing photos..

As usual, me and my clumsy little fingers. I've accidentally deleted most of the photos this morning. I'm updating all the entries now

NetKL Network : Live Chat Transcript

I'm surprised to receive an email from NetKL regarding the detailed live chat transcript. Ha ha ha luckily I didn't use any bad words or talking nonsense with the guy called 'Hafiz' - I'm not sure whether he's really Hafiz or it's just the nick name representing the company. The real person chatting with me could be any Joe, Ali, Samy, Chong or even Siti :). I was really sleepy at that time but being me, I was so anxious to settle the transfer thing from sayyasuka.blogspot to Anyway, below chatting could be used as a guide for those who may need it later and most of all, for my record. Oh yeah..of course I know most of you are more IT savvy than me - in that case just read it for fun :) To NetKL and 'Hafiz' thanks again!!! RM3.00 is cheaper than a nasi lemak with ayam goreng he he he
NetKL Network : Live Chat Chat Transcript
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 01:03:30 +0800
Name: Ina
Chat Reference Number: 14141
| 26.01.2011 00:51:00 | Hafiz: Hi Ina, my name is Hafiz, how may I help you? Boleh saya bantu anda?
| 26.01.2011 00:51:05 | Ina: hi good morning
| 26.01.2011 00:51:25 | Hafiz: hi, good morning, Ina :)
| 26.01.2011 00:52:28 | Ina: hafiz, akak baru beli domain tapi camne nak transfer from blogspot to new domain?
| 26.01.2011 00:52:48 | Ina: kena baya rm3? how to pay?
| 26.01.2011 00:52:59 | Hafiz: apa nama domain .com baru akak tu ya?
| 26.01.2011 00:53:15 | Ina:
| 26.01.2011 00:53:23 | Hafiz: ok...dan apa alamat/URL blogspot akak pula?
| 26.01.2011 00:53:45 | Ina:
| 26.01.2011 00:53:56 | Hafiz: ok..sebtnar ya
| 26.01.2011 00:54:12 | Ina: thanks thanks
| 26.01.2011 00:54:42 | Hafiz: ya, akak dah beli domain tu dari kami sebelum ni...
| 26.01.2011 00:55:01 | Hafiz: dan skrg...akak nak ambil servis RM3 tu, supaya kami boleh tolong buatkan setting2 tu ya?
| 26.01.2011 00:55:04 | Ina: ye ye baru bayar mlm tadi
| 26.01.2011 00:55:35 | Ina: ok no problem..kat mana nak klik nak amek servis tu? saya cari x jumpa
| 26.01.2011 00:56:11 | Hafiz: tak perlu buat Order...  akak boleh buat bayaran RM3 tu kat akaun bank kami
| 26.01.2011 00:56:15 | Hafiz: dan
| 26.01.2011 00:56:33 | Hafiz: berikan kami username & password Admin blogspot akak u
| 26.01.2011 00:56:33 | Ina: oh ok
| 26.01.2011 00:56:47 | Hafiz: kami boleh buatkan terus
| 26.01.2011 00:56:48 | Hafiz: :)
| 26.01.2011 00:57:06 | Ina: saya kena bayar dulu kan?
| 26.01.2011 00:57:22 | Hafiz: ya
| 26.01.2011 00:57:24 | Hafiz: selepas bayar RM3 tu, sila maklumkan kami kat sini (LiveChat), atau, email kami kat
| 26.01.2011 00:57:44 | Ina: ok ok
| 26.01.2011 00:57:52 | Hafiz: berikan username & password Admin blogpsot akak sekali :)
| 26.01.2011 00:57:55 | Hafiz: ok..
| 26.01.2011 00:57:58 | Hafiz: saya tunggu
| 26.01.2011 00:58:16 | Ina: kejap kejap
| 26.01.2011 00:58:33 | Hafiz: ok
| 26.01.2011 00:59:36 | Ina: satu soalan..once akk dah ada tu boleh tak continue buat entry di blogspot cam besa dan terus di publish di tu?
| 26.01.2011 01:00:09 | Hafiz: ya, betul
| 26.01.2011 01:00:17 | Hafiz: edit/update blog tu mcm biasa
| 26.01.2011 01:00:22 | Hafiz: bezanya skrg...
| 26.01.2011 01:00:24 | Ina: ok
| 26.01.2011 01:00:27 | Hafiz: alamat tu dah jadi .com dah
| 26.01.2011 01:00:31 | Hafiz: bukan blogspo lagi :)
| 26.01.2011 01:00:43 | Ina: kasi nombor akaun jap
| 26.01.2011 01:00:59 | Hafiz:
| 26.01.2011 01:01:08 | Hafiz:  MaybankAccount Name: NetKL NetworkAccount Number: 564409002675Email: EON BankAccount Name: NetKL NetworkAccount Number: 0058100032889Email:

Chatting resumed after I accidentally closed the chatting bar

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 01:27:25 +0800
Name: Ina

Chat Reference Number: 14144
| 26.01.2011 01:13:08 | Hafiz: Hi Ina, my name is Hafiz, how may I help you? Boleh saya bantu anda?
| 26.01.2011 01:13:11 | Ina: Hafiz please
| 26.01.2011 01:13:23 | Hafiz: ya, Ina
| 26.01.2011 01:13:45 | Ina: ter close tadi
| 26.01.2011 01:14:00 | Ina: tunggu jap
| 26.01.2011 01:14:07 | Hafiz: i see :)
| 26.01.2011 01:14:12 | Hafiz: ok
| 26.01.2011 01:17:13 | Ina: username -
| 26.01.2011 01:17:24 | Ina: password - xxxxxx
| 26.01.2011 01:17:32 | Hafiz: ok...sebantar ya
| 26.01.2011 01:18:15 | Ina: thanks're very helpful
| 26.01.2011 01:18:42 | Hafiz: sama2, Ina...kindly hold on ya
| 26.01.2011 01:20:10 | Ina: no problem. by the way, can ppl in China view my new domain? because blogspot is blocked there
| 26.01.2011 01:21:59 | Hafiz: not too sure....bcos the content is still hosted with blogspot, so, if Google block your blog previously, most probably, eventhough you've changed into .com, it's still the same :)
| 26.01.2011 01:22:19 | Hafiz: unless, if you transfer your blog to our paid hosting :)
| 26.01.2011 01:22:26 | Hafiz: surely no problem :)
| 26.01.2011 01:23:35 | Hafiz: BTW,
| 26.01.2011 01:23:41 | Hafiz: Kami telah pun pointkan domain anda ke blogspot anda. Namun, ia masih perlukan masa (dari 2-3 jam) utk domain tersebut berfungsi dgn baik dgn blogspot anda. Dalam tempoh 2-3 jam ni, domain anda masih belum stabil (dipanggil DNS propagation). Maka, domain ini kadang2 boleh dibuka, dan kadang2 tidak boleh. Ada PC yg boleh buka, dan ada PC yg tidak boleh. Oleh itu, anda boleh check blog anda dari masa ke semasa. Selepas stabil nanti, baru lah anda boleh edit/update blog anda seperti biasa.
| 26.01.2011 01:24:33 | Ina: thanks..okay let me check. yes i'm thinking to use your hosting but if i do, can i still use blogspot? i'm quite familiar with the editing already
| 26.01.2011 01:25:00 | Hafiz: that may be an issue :) hehehe
| 26.01.2011 01:25:22 | Hafiz: bcos
| 26.01.2011 01:25:31 | Hafiz: ourhosting uses WordPress format
| 26.01.2011 01:25:35 | Hafiz: not blogger format anymore
| 26.01.2011 01:25:46 | Ina: i see..okay no problem..surely i can learn using your hosting if i may end up    buying it
| 26.01.2011 01:25:49 | Hafiz: unless, if you have the will & time to learn using WordPRess
| 26.01.2011 01:25:55 | Hafiz: yeah...
| 26.01.2011 01:26:12 | Hafiz: no problem.. we are always here, if you are ready one day :)
| 26.01.2011 01:26:21 | Ina: okay thanks so much and have a good day:)
| 26.01.2011 01:26:27 | Ina: bye bye
| 26.01.2011 01:26:32 | Hafiz: till then... we wish you happy blogging, kak :)
| 26.01.2011 01:26:36 | Hafiz: see u
| 26.01.2011 01:26:39 | Hafiz: bye2 :)
| 26.01.2011 01:27:06 | Ina: ha ha ha..thanks thanks

Thank you NetKl especially to 'Hafiz'


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alladin's lamp

Sorry about the title (if you find it misleading). I was playing with light & shadow while waiting for my husband last weekend.  However, most of the pix turned out ugly.

A brief history about the lamp though - it's my hubby's. May be already 20 years ++ in his possession but he still values it very much. I once dumped it in the store together with all the unwanted-but-reluctant-to-throw items. When we moved to this flat or apartment or whatever (but not condo laa..) this lamp resurfaced from its hiding place (he found it!). Unfortunately this is not Alladin's lamp but only Idin's lamp so I cannot hope for any miracle by rubbing it :( I only hope that Idin will cherish me as we grow older as he does to his lamp (hopefully not treating me like a lamp post hahaha)

     Idin's companion since decades ago

                           dimmer shot


                           closer look

my three beautiful maids, oopps..this has got nothing to do with the above


Wednesday, January 26, 2011 dan China

Testing testing 123. Saya baru dapat domain sendiri..yeay yeay..! chewah macam best jer! Bayar 31.60 hengget jer dari Net KL yng lip lap lip lap kat tepi tu. Kalau mahei tak sior nak beli wei, ngabihkan boreh yo. Bukan apa, ari tu ada gak ajak member2 di China singgah tapi rupanya depa tak leh nak tengok blogspot! Ye tak ye jugak, depa kan berpatah arang dengan si Google so abihle yang sekutu dengannye di block depa...hayyaa..wo puchitao lorr, rupenyer dah lama depa block memblock ni..Cik wiki dah bagi tau lama dah tapi saya yng ketinggalan zaman :(.Tak apa lah kalu esok diorang tak leh tengok nak buat camno..tak dapek nak nolong eh..

Nak cerita sikit, member2 tu supplier kitorang (company punya la..). Saya kan buat sourcing jadi ada jugaklah member2 kat sana. Nak dijadikan cerita, ada satu makwe supplier kat Taiwan tu rupanya orang tepeng (Taiping) he he he. Dia kerja & kawin dengan orang sana. Ni salah satu contoh brain drain la ni..haishhh kalau ada offer, saya pun nak kuar dari M'sia (kononnyer laarr..hihihi)

'sayasuka' ni memang favourite word saya sebab ada bunyi jopun sikit (bunyi jer tapi word ni tak de dlm vocab jopun..betul tak D'je??). Yakiniku (yakini aku) tu pon bunyi jopun gak yng maksudnyer daging panggang.. Tapi takkan nak letak nama ni pulak? Begitula alkisahnyer hikayat si Sayyasuka. Apasal 2 'y' pulak? Sebab yng 1 'y' dah ada orng guna kat sini (tapi kuar gambar tangan jer..appa larrr..) Jadi, Say ya suka (say you like) he he he..boleh la tuu..hantam saja la belalang. Hish panjang pulak sembang nihh. Sebab dah story2 pasal blocking tadi ada gambar masa transit di Pudong airport (nasib baik tak kena block ...kastam dia garang2 gilerr)

 at KLIA on the way to Pudong Int'l Airport

that lady refused to snap our photos together, unfriendly huh?

pandas on sale at Pudong

looks tired and weary, slight jet lag perhaps?

the lights look like jutting swords

waiting to board to Fukuoka

China Eastern Airline

New update at 5pm (today) - Si Terry kat Shanghai kata cannot open this website ...dah agak dah!! hahaha


Monday, January 24, 2011

A friend like you is the best gift

For all friends out there;

Favorite Friendship Quotes #1

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?
Abraham Lincoln

Favorite Friendship Quotes #2

Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years.
Richard Bach, (Illusions)
Favorite Friendship Quotes #3
A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.
Frank Crane
Favorite Friendship Quotes #4
When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.
Edgar Watson Howe
Favorite Friendship Quotes #5
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.
Albert Camus
Favorite Friendship Quotes #6
The best time to make friends is before you need them.
Ethel Barrymore
Favorite Friendship Quotes #7
Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light.
Jennie Jerome Churchill
Favorite Friendship Quotes #8
A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
Arnold H. Glasgow
Favorite Friendship Quotes #9
The road to a friend's house is never long.
Danish Proverb
Favorite Friendship Quotes #10
Be a friend to thyself, and others will be so too.
Thomas Fuller
Courtesy from  Great Friendship Quotes

I've changed my mind, I'm watermarking all the pix coz I need to keep them in 'public album'


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Contest Review Blog Kak Ina Kl Dot Com

Sedang saya ronda2 blog, terjumpa contest kat blog super otai :) ni. Kira saya nak join lah jugak..sorry eehh..beri laluan beri laluan..Okay K. Ina ..are you ready??? let's goooooo!!!

K Ina .. bagi saya sagu hati pon tak pe he he he..jangan marre

 k. Inakl nama gelaran,
Kaler hijau jadi kegemaran,
Kalau rasa tak keberatan,
Kaler tema blog boleh la ditukarkan.
Nama sama orang berbeza,
K.Ina blogger otai
 saya baru nak bermula,
Kalau boleh tukar lah font header,
terlalu bold susah nak baca.
saya rasa cukup sampai di sini,
nak comment banyak pon saya tak reti,
tak perlu buang apa2 dari blog K.Ina ni, just tukar apa yang patut asalkan ikhlas dari hatiJ


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kopi kawwww di Coco Cafe

Hubby saya peminat kopi nombor 1! Soalan favourite dia "Ina nak minum?" ha ha ha sebenarnya dia yang nak minum. Saya kalau seminggu tak minum air panas pon tak hal. Favourite saya hanya air putih, air biasa la tu or skye juice. Dulu masa kecik2 kalau mak buat air teh satu teko, sampai petang pon tak habis..last2 abah yang kasi perabis sebab tak kasi chan pada cik2 mut aka semut. Saya dan adik beradik memang tak berapa suka air panas. Contrastingly, side hubby saya, diorang suka air panas, teh ke kopi ke or apa2 jer la, janji air panas! Almost all his siblings campur anak2 buah pon suka air panas..kira it runs in the family lah! So bila hubby tanya "Ina nak minum?" itu tak lain tak bukan, dia nak pergi mengopi or mengeteh la tu. Tak la nak melepak kat Starbuck ke Coffebean ke..mamak pon dah OK. Below is one of his favorites tempat mengopi other than mamak.

                             Kluang Coffe - Kopi kegemaran

                     Mmmm roti pun sodapp

makcik ni mesti la ada, maklumla peneman setia, besanya saya curi sikit
kopi dia so dia kena order besarr punya :)


Weekend menu

Our weekend menu is deep fried dory with tempura + lemon - it's boneless, less hassle, simple, fast and yummy! 500gm 1kg dory costs about RM6 ++ in Tesco or sometimes only RM5 ++, mixed with the cheapest packed tempura flour available also in Tesco (i'm not promoting..), about RM1 ++. Sprinkle some lemon juice evenly and's ready !! Of course need to deep fry the fish first :)

   for 1kg (RM6 ++) you can get 2 sets of the above
                              with mushroom sauce

* i'll write about steamed dory next time - it's very simple to make and yummy too


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Klik Klik di Sogo, KL

Chinese New Year dah dekat so Sogo memang happening! Tapi yang paling ramai shopping ialah makwe2 melayu hihihi (termasuk nenek2, makcik2, kakak2 & adik2). Saya sempat mencilok masuk walaupun tak de kad Sogo hari Sabtu lepas (ponteng kelas ha ha ha). Saja nak cuci mata & nak klik2. Suspen gak nak klik lebih2 takut terklik gambar orang nanti kena marah pulak. Punyalah ramai manusia, macam semut. Queue nak bayar pun sikit punya panjang - kalau setakat nak beli satu dua barang jer, baik tunggu hari lain pulak or beli kat kedai lain. Saya pun tak lama kat situ, sesak..

                                     kipas bergayutan

                     shopping sakan

                                 syoknya shopping

artificial tapi cantekkk...macam orang, ramai gak yg
                       artificial sebab nak cantekkk

                                       cuci2 mata


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hotfm jomtour 2011

Terserempak dengan Hotfm jomtour di KL Central. Ingatkan ada Fafau tapi ada yang 3 orang ni jer. Tak berapa meriah sebab KL Central ni tempat orang terkejar-kejar. Kejar train ke, kejar bas ke, LRT ke..mana ada masa nak lepak2 tengok ni, kot karang tertinggal train pulak..

Ikhwan, Suraya & Kieran -senget pon senget lahh

Ikhwan (man in black), Kieran dan Suraya - depa sempoi jerr
(ada gak montoya mana ntah, bagi tau makwe dia, tu la Man Bai..

 - Kieran macam Man Bai eh?)

  permainan congkak - makwe tu menanggg, tengah
                               tunggu next round

     pakcik ni dapat sagu hati, siap berpantun2 lagi

                  steady la bro

           dari atas, sebelum saya chow naik lrt


Sunday, January 16, 2011


Japan again??? informed I haven't finished the story as yet. Still few entries on our visit to Kyushu island. On the fourth day, after we visited Mount Aso & Cuddly Dominion we were brought by our most well-planned trip organisers :) to a ryokan (japanese inn) which looked very traditional and at that point of time we do not know that it is one of the many onsens / hot springs that can be found throughout Japan (Not until we happened to find out from Mr Wiki :)

So, thinking it was just one of the many inns, we unfortunately missed out the name of the ryokan :( May be it's one of these ryokan with onsen around Aso area. It was almost dark when we arrived that evening and when we entered into the room, I was frantically looking for a bathroom/shower to freshen up (after one whole day of sight seeing). But there was no bathroom! Only a toire and a wash basin available. However, we did not ask our host as we didn't want to be taken as fussy guests..hihihi

After surveying the room and it's furnishings we were ushered downstairs by Yasuda sans (who stayed next to our room) and before that, we were reminded to bring our towels along. We were required to wear yukata and were asked to choose our preferred onsen. Now I know why they don't provide a bathroom.

The water was extremely hot! (to me but not to Idin). It was almost 40 degrees C. We waited quite long to adjust to the hot water temperature. It was an interesting and refreshing experience though.

a bit view inside the ryokan with some refreshments for guest
on the coffee table. On the right hand side is the tatami

sumptuous dinner at the ryokan. Yasuda sans were enjoying
raw horse meat, the popular delicacies in Kumamoto. For us
of course the delicious fish (but we don't know what fish is that)

             while waiting for the vege to boil..boil... boil

                                        okatta...oishi ne

                                       activities after dinner

          sayonara..see you again - before checking out


Friday, January 14, 2011

Salah bedal

Fuyyyooo....letih betul hari ni! Kitorang pindah opis, from Jaya One ke Sec. 19 pulak. Menimbun harta benda opis kena angkut turun. Ingatkan ada general worker, rupanya kitorang jugak yg jadi mangsa..Company betul2 nak jimat cost! Alahaii sabar je la.

Back to story hari ni, tengok2 dlm draft ada gambo2 ni so layan je laa he he he.
Teringat dulu masa makan ngan adik di Sushi King (dekat Low Yat Plaza). Lepas dah order, kitorang bedal je la apa yg waitress tu bawak. Masa sibuk makan tu, waitress tu antar salmon sashimi lak- masa tu terfikir gak.."amboi boleh tahan gak adik aku ni..mentang2 la kat uitm belajar bahasa jepun, pandai gak makan sashimi" he he he. Bila dah habis sashimi tu kitorang bedal, tetiba, terdengar makwe (dia dngn anak2nya) kat sebelah kitorang tanya waitress "where's my salmon sashimi??". Rasa pelik gak sebab dia sampai dulu tapi apasal kitorang dapat dulu? dah habis bedal pon...Saya tanya adik "Ja, ko order sashimi tadi eh?". Adik cakap "uhhh bukan kk long yng order ke?" ha ha ha sure kes waitress tu salah letak sashimi tu kat meja kitorang. Tak lama kemudian, makwe dan anak2nya pon dapat la sashimi dia...tau apa dia cakap kat waitress? Dia kata.."I don't want this sashimi, this is not fresh! This is iced salmon. I want fresh salmon!"
Hek eleh...Kalau nak salmon fresh gi tangkap sendiri laarr..!

*Akikosan bagi tau, salmon ni setaraf ikan kembung jer kat Jopun nun

              ni untuk saya, macam x cukup jerr

               ni untuk idin - mesti nak cilok sikit
(besanya kami tak pernah order makanan yg sama so boleh tukar2 maa..)

     Alhamdulillah...dah licinnn - jangan membazir...
(tak kisah ler orang nak kata apa, setiap kali makan
                      mesti kasi licinnnn)

siap berpeace2 pulak. Cunnya makwe ninja tu, jumpa lagi ye


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pisang, Sake dan Mozart

Cilok dari theSun, Jan12, 2011:

Toyoka Chuo Seika, fruit company di Jepun memeram pisang yang diimport dari Philippines sambil memasang lagu2 Mozart tanpa henti menerusi speakers. Keputusannya, pisang & buah2an lebih manis! Ini bukan company yng pertama buat macam tu di Jepun. Semenjak 3 tahun yng lalu, dah ada company di Jepun menerajui trend classical music infusion ni.. Diorang peram sake (arak beras) pon pasang lagu Mozart jugak - kiranya lebih ummphh larr..Antara lagu yang paling 'suka' didengar oleh sake ni ialah Symphony 41 & Piano Concerto 20

kalau saya tahu buah2an ni dah di Mozartkan mesti saya
                                   amek banyak sikit he he he

* kat atas tu, breakfast menu di Dormy Inn

Apakata kita cuba bayangkan molekul2 bergetar dengan lagu2 ni;
 Symphony 41
Concerto 20


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is not I-City

 This is 'JJ-City' in conjunction with Christmas and new year celebration 2010.

I've never been to I-City yet :( Hope to go there someday but don't know when. We seldom travel to the opposite sides of KL other than Rawang, Rawang and Rawang hehehe. Sounds boring isn't it?