Monday, January 10, 2011

Problem is a gift?

I've found this in Vikas Malkani's book 'The Yoga of Wealth' which I've picked up during cheap sale in Ampang Point here . Let's see what he wrote about the Gift of Problems;

1. Problems exist. You will always have them. Therefore, do not deny them
if they are there.
2. Problems have a limited lifespan. They will not last forever.
3. Problems contain the seed for greater benefits and growth.
4. Problems change you. For better or for worse, you choose.
5. Problems offer choice as well. You can choose what your problem will do
to you. You cannot choose the problem but you can choose how to react
to it, for this reaction is in your control.

However, things are easier said than done. Almost all motivational books (which I've come across) preached the same things..think positive, be happy even you have problems...

How to be happy if;
*you're being laid off with lots of commitments and you never get hired after attending hundreds of interviews?
*your car broke down in the middle of the road and everybody started to honk and give you all kinds of funny stares?
*your husband or wife is cheating on you?
*your best friends are back stabbing you?
*your customers are running away from you?
*price of goods keep increasing with faster rate compared to your salary increment?
*train broke down when you have important meeting to attend?
*and the list of problems is endless............

So how to be happy and keep smiling???? Just remember one thing..YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!!! because countless numbers of problems are tagging along as long as you live.

two problemless guys caught in action at Digital Mall

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