Sunday, January 2, 2011

Canal City Hakata

Before we left Kyushu Island (the following day) Yasuda sans brought us to Hakata Canal City centre - it's a big shopping complex in Fukuoka, with nice decorations but unfortunately i couldn't really figure out where the canal lead to as it was night and we spent most of the visiting hours indoors.

A bit info extracted from here ;

                                 half smile due to freezing cold

starry starry tree, catch a mousedeer for me.. (follow that familiar song, starry starry nite..)

                                                    next to a heater

          also next to a heater..ayyyyaaaaa

a wedding photo session is going on here but i didn't dare to
                                      snap their photo huhuhu

                                  a camel? horse? rider in a strange costume

                          both say mmmmmmmmmmmmm

                                both say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

we're no crouching tigers and there's no hiden dragon he he he

                       sad sad smile ...tomorrow we'll be apart

                      infront one of the number of unagi shops

                                                    making a heart sign

                                     2 thumbs, 1 mmm & 1 cheeze

                                      thank you so much Yasuda sans


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