Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sayonara Kyushu..till we meet again

This should be the final story about our trip to Kyushu island (or Kumamoto to be specific). So D'je, don't bising2 okay?

Since i've uploaded the pixs in picasa (which currently flashing in the slideshow, at the side bar and 'bottom bar'...ayyyooo why so many??) so might as well i tell the story and put the pixs here he he he..

Kyushu National Museum
It's the newest National Museum following Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.
Based on the concept "Understand Japanese culture from the point of Asian view", we don't only exhibit but also preserve and investigate cultural assets, then prepare a variety of educational events to keep the museum fresh. Extracted from here

Typically as many other museums, lots of old collections from various clans were displayed and we spent quite number of minutes reading each history of the items displayed. It also showed the connections between Kyushu and the neighbouring countries like South Korea, China and even South East Asia (including M'sia).

When we were about to go back to hotel, i noted that the scenery and activities at the museum compound were more interesting than those inside..but it was getting dark and colder so just go back lahh.

a replica of ship, waves and many caricature dolls

                                              peace from Yasuda sans

                     shops already closed as it's getting dark

                    beautiful sight at the museum compound

                                                   from different angle

like cowboy town (i forgot to take sweater from her car)

                        guess what..Idin likes this lamp post :I

Fukuoka City and Marine-World
We had an opportunity to visit Marine World at Fukuoka which is quite and irony as we've never visited aquaria in KLCC (not yet) but at least we've been to Underwater World, Langkawi not that bad laa.. As usual, for more info you can visit here

We enjoyed sea lion & dolphin show so much - i should have video-recorded the show..still regretting until now :( Other things i guess, are quite similar to Underwater World and the Aquaria (just guessing).

                                  "coconut" trees in Fukuoka :)

are these two 'lamp posts'? still donno until now..sigh

                                                               'small' visitors

intelligent dolphins - they understand japanese language!

                                          submerging santa clause

Hakata Airport
This was the first and final checkpoint for us in Kyushu island. Idin has visited this island many years ago during his working trip to Japan but this was first time for me and i really hope to come back may be next year, next next year or next next next next year..InsyaAllah..

this pix can be changed to medium, all below pix can't :(

we jalan-jalan before balik to KL

at the airport - Mr Yonemura..forever young

bye bye Akiko san, thank you so much

see you again Ken san, Yonemura san

* i donno why the pixs cannot be saved if i changed them to medium size..hayyyaaaa..why so difficult laaa..

Prior to this trip, i've 'met' few real people via virtual interactions and i would like to thank Zam & Mustafa (currently residing in Saga, doing his PHD), Kadir and Sha (already completed his PHD, previously staying in Kumamoto), Yatie Chomeyl - i didn't contact her but getting info about Kyushu from her blog, also doing PHD..woww!!! so many DRs in the making!! - wish you all the best and i'm proud of you all!!

And of course our biggest thanks goes to Ms Akiko Yonemura and Mr Ken Yasuda who are now Yasuda sans - you have made one of my dreams come true he he he. Opps..also, not forgetting to thank Yonemura san and Yasuda san's family and friends.

Sayonara - see you again!!


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