Thursday, February 9, 2012

Folding bike & Putrajaya

Folding bike and Putrajaya? Ho ho ho what's the connection? They're actually connected in my silly dream of owning a folding bike and cycling around Putrajaya lake, enjoying the sunset..or around Taman Tasik Permaisuri enjoying the mini jungle. How nice and syok if i can do that every evening.  I could also imagine bringing 2 folding bikes wherever we go (for holiday laaa...) so that we can cycle à la a romantic Korean drama couple ha ha ha. - these are few of my anticipations before getting the bike, though it would be a different story altogether after getting it - as it might ended up stuck in the room (converted to a store) or in the back yard of my MIL's house after few rides. That's for me to find out later he he he...

During my obsession-with-folding bike-mode i've browsed through forums to check the most 'suitable' folding bike for me and Idin.

this one not nice because we can't race with each other

how about this one?



wow! this one is cute :)

More info and pix HEREHERE and some interesting views from the users/experts HERE - one of their favourite cycling venues is none other than Putrajaya lake :)

Putrajaya lake

who's that little girl?

one of the bridges in Putrajaya

cloudy sunset coz no folding bike for me yet..


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