Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The 'coolest' countdown to 2012 in Malaysia - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thought it'll be a stay-at-home-countdown-to-2012 night but we decided to head on to our favourite 'lepaking' place, none other than the coolest spot in Malaysia - Genting. When we reached Genting Skyway at about 6.30pm, guess what?.. there was no queue at all so I guessed nothing unusual tonight and the crowd would not be that huge..so okay laahh..Just for info; we queued for about 45 minutes to take a 15-minutes-cable-car-ride for a fireworks show at the eve of Labour Day (30th April 2011).

But as expected the crowd seemed to grow larger and by almost midnight I could only see the heads of the people instead of the stage:( Though the performance was not so much of our sole purpose and interest going up here, it was fun to see happy faces around. Unfortunately the sole purpose was diminished and dashed away by thick foggy atmosphere which we used to love (but not tonight..arghhh..), so we couldn't enjoy the fireworks show as it was postponed to half an hour after midnight. In order to avoid long queue getting down via Skyway cable car, we inched our way out from the still-waiting-with-full of hope-to-see-the-fireworks crowd - thanks to ladies and gentlemen who cleared the passage for us to move out. Though Mr Foggy was not so sporting tonight we still enjoyed the experience. We'll come back for you Mr Foggy, soon!

where's the stage?

happy faces

joining the happy faces

Genting, peace yo..

My coolest babe..no, he's not Mr Foggy he he he

Happy New Year to everyone!