Thursday, February 10, 2011

While waiting...part 1

While waiting for me(idin) this evening at Jelatek LRT station, ina had the sudden thought of strolling at  the  nearby park. It's a nice place to spend the evening, relaxing and enjoying oneself free of charge. There is a football field, jogging lane, roller skating ring or one could just spend the time sitting down under the tree, just watching other people.....this also happen to be our hobby.

I always wonder, for the many years passed, how is Jelatek park really like for i've never spent time there. Everyday, i would just drive pass by and it amaze me that i don't have the time yet to stop by even for a while.

The KL Tower, Petronas twin towers at the backdrop

                                          Jogging lane for joggers...

                                          You could also try fishing

    Quiet spot for relaxing (and dating..)

                                  Or have a game of football

* thank you Idin - today he helps me updating the blog hehehe :)


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