Friday, February 4, 2011

Lanterns display at China Town & Central Market

As of now, my mind is at ease as i've completed the huge task of restoring my missing photos after few days of 'hard work' and sleepless nights (i'm exaggerating ha ha ha).

So, what this has got to do with the title? I'm a bit curious about the lanterns decoration everytime i pass by China Town aka Petaling Street via LRT at dusk. The view looks grand and captivating and i keep wondering how nice if i can go there and klik klik. As planned, I had the opportunity to go there (thanks to Idin) and tadaaaaa... it was not up to my expectation at all! I've been deceived by the lightings like a flying termite.

By the way, since we are already there, we just continue with our plan.

               well known China Town aka Petaling Street

many shoppers on the first day of Chinese Lunar Year

              the deceiving lights from the moving train

                                              cool lanterns display

        one of the many 'old' buildings around Petaling Street

                           dangling lanterns, can i 'pluck' one?

as we moved on to nearby Central Market area

Menara Dayabumi (Idin worked here longgg time ago)

Central Market aka Pasar Seni (Idin sold souvenirs here much longggggggg time ago)

                          rabbits larger than normal size are here!

 more giant rabbits at the entrance of Central Market

                                   a bullock cart and a violet tree


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