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You're what you believe or what you've made to believe

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In a recent interview Peak Performance Coach and the Managing Director of Law to Success Adrian Law, was asked what he felt is the number one factor to how our lives turn out and if we succeed or not.
Adrian’s response was most fascinating…
“There are many factors but without question the number one thing that effects how your life turns out and whether you gain the success that you want, is your beliefs.”
“I believe that everyone of you have beliefs that serve you, constructive beliefs and we also have limiting beliefs (conscious or unconscious) that may hold you back.
So for example you might have a limiting belief about how much you are worth or what you can or can’t do.

Here’s a quick exercise for you –

I’m going to ask you some quick questions and in your minds eye just answer ‘Yes’ if you believe it to be true about yourself and ‘No’ if you don’t believe it to be true.
1) Do you believe that you are successful or not? Yes/No
2) Do you believe that you are a loving person or not? Yes/No
3) Do you believe that you are stubborn? Yes/No
4) Do you believe that you are generous or not? Yes/No
5) Do you believe that you are good looking Yes/No
6) Do you believe that you are open minded Yes/No

OK, so you might have answered yes to all of those or no to all of them, or perhaps a mixture of answers.
My question to you though is how do you know this to be true for you?

How do you know?

The interesting thing about beliefs Adrian went on to say is that we literally make up our beliefs from your previous experiences.
Let me say that again as it’s really important. We literally make up our beliefs from your previous experience. This means that those beliefs may not be true, you just believe them to be true.
There’s 2 main ways that we’ve all formed our beliefs.
One is what other people have told you. Lets say when you were a young boy or girl and your teacher told you something and maybe your parents said the same thing, possibly quite a few times. Often we take that on as a belief, whether it’s constructive or negative.
Have a look at the list above. Which ones came from what others told you?
I used to have limiting beliefs around money because all I heard growing up was ‘its too expensive,’ we can’t afford that etc.
The second and more powerful way that we create beliefs is from what you tell yourself. If your self-talk is going over & over saying I’m not good with money or I have a bad memory, this then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The good news is that beliefs can be changed as mine and thousands of people I’ve worked with have.
So, for those who have kids please instill positive beliefs in your children's mind because it's kind of frustrating to hear remarks like below (being repeated at every opportunity);

- you're naughty, stubborn, stupid

- don't do this, don't do that 

- expensive! you can't afford that! (referring to goods with price tag RM0.50 ?? or even RM0.20?? (always heard this remark when running our own convenience shop few years back). If RM0.20 is expensive, what kind of limitation you've instilled in your own child's mind? Would he/she dare to dream big if RM0.20 is considered expensive?

- don't dream or "jangan berangan2 mat jenin" - this statement is not relevant now. Even Honda's famous tagline is "THE POWER OF DREAMS"


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