Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alladin's lamp

Sorry about the title (if you find it misleading). I was playing with light & shadow while waiting for my husband last weekend.  However, most of the pix turned out ugly.

A brief history about the lamp though - it's my hubby's. May be already 20 years ++ in his possession but he still values it very much. I once dumped it in the store together with all the unwanted-but-reluctant-to-throw items. When we moved to this flat or apartment or whatever (but not condo laa..) this lamp resurfaced from its hiding place (he found it!). Unfortunately this is not Alladin's lamp but only Idin's lamp so I cannot hope for any miracle by rubbing it :( I only hope that Idin will cherish me as we grow older as he does to his lamp (hopefully not treating me like a lamp post hahaha)

     Idin's companion since decades ago

                           dimmer shot


                           closer look

my three beautiful maids, oopps..this has got nothing to do with the above


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