Sunday, January 16, 2011


Japan again??? informed I haven't finished the story as yet. Still few entries on our visit to Kyushu island. On the fourth day, after we visited Mount Aso & Cuddly Dominion we were brought by our most well-planned trip organisers :) to a ryokan (japanese inn) which looked very traditional and at that point of time we do not know that it is one of the many onsens / hot springs that can be found throughout Japan (Not until we happened to find out from Mr Wiki :)

So, thinking it was just one of the many inns, we unfortunately missed out the name of the ryokan :( May be it's one of these ryokan with onsen around Aso area. It was almost dark when we arrived that evening and when we entered into the room, I was frantically looking for a bathroom/shower to freshen up (after one whole day of sight seeing). But there was no bathroom! Only a toire and a wash basin available. However, we did not ask our host as we didn't want to be taken as fussy guests..hihihi

After surveying the room and it's furnishings we were ushered downstairs by Yasuda sans (who stayed next to our room) and before that, we were reminded to bring our towels along. We were required to wear yukata and were asked to choose our preferred onsen. Now I know why they don't provide a bathroom.

The water was extremely hot! (to me but not to Idin). It was almost 40 degrees C. We waited quite long to adjust to the hot water temperature. It was an interesting and refreshing experience though.

a bit view inside the ryokan with some refreshments for guest
on the coffee table. On the right hand side is the tatami

sumptuous dinner at the ryokan. Yasuda sans were enjoying
raw horse meat, the popular delicacies in Kumamoto. For us
of course the delicious fish (but we don't know what fish is that)

             while waiting for the vege to boil..boil... boil

                                        okatta...oishi ne

                                       activities after dinner

          sayonara..see you again - before checking out


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