Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cuddly Dominion, Kumamoto

Another interesting place to visit in Kumamoto. We had the opportunity to cuddle Hiroto the little bear. I'm sorry if I got his name wrong but I think I'm almost 60% correct :) As time was limited and since we arrived a bit late, so we've missed other animal shows but having this opportunity to play with the little bear is wonderful enough for us. Here's the website which I can find via Google; Kyushu themepark

a bit scared he he. He's actually heavy, around 10kg +++

                               he's busy munching his carrot

 santa bear he he he - he'll automatically sit on your lap
                           the moment he sees the towel

                        bear to Ken san, "Are you okay?.."

                                      feel like kidnapping the bear


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