Monday, January 3, 2011

Kumamoto Castle

On our third day in Kumamoto city, after visiting Suizenji park, we've visited Kumamoto castle which is in the heart of the city itself. You can find more info here. Sorry, the photos are not arranged in sequence.

                                    infront statue of Kato Kiyomasa

   this is not a portrait but a real view from a window

                                               his duty is not to smile

                                      closer view of main towers

    dual purpose sliding doors in O-Hiroma main hall

                                                 decorative partition

equally decorative ceiling, portraying flowers of all seasons
                                               in Kumamoto

                                a warrior in battle suit

a view of Kumamoto city from the top most of  the main towers

              view from the other side of the towers

                                                another warrior

                                                   infront of a tea shop

   the only muli-storey turret, called Yagura turret

at residence of Hosokawa Gyobu from an upper class samurai clan


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