Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go Genting

Genting is one of our favourite 'lepaking' places, not because of the casino thing (of course !) but the fact that it offers 'mediterranean' climate all year round. Cool air, nice ambience and happening - a place to see lots of happy people and romantic couples :D

up up we go, via cable car @ RM 5/per person - one way ticket. Going up from Skyway station at Goh Tong latest going up schedule by 11 pm and going down latest by 12 midnight from Genting. A 15 minutes ride covering 3.4km distance.

bus service from selected locations, including Rawang KTM station (from Rawang? never heard about it though..)

one of the oldest land marks of Genting

which 'blinking' logo can be seen from KL (at night laa..)

latest land mark - First World Hotel

kind of 'weary' out door theme park but full of excitement as usual with screams and laughters

same old scenery since many years ago...

indoor area at First World

mini Venice canal - sorry guys, I klik your photo without permission

back side :)

not only feel at Venice, but feel at Paris too hihihi just joking

and US too

sale sale sale

at First World lobby - dark passage under the trees where we like to 'lepak' and chit chat

never mind the motionlesssssssssnake

First World at nite from different angle

Idin at different area near to outdoor theme park - sawadikap...someone greet him in Thai this time. Previously, a taxi driver at cabel car station asked him, "Where are you from?" and he replied.."from Rawang"..hehehehe. Shhhh...that's why he likes to go Genting - he feels 'international' hahahha..sorry babe, just kidding


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