Saturday, April 9, 2011

While waiting...part 2 (perception on life)

We do take a lot for granted, don’t we?
Here are the air, sun, and stars, water flowing, clouds rolling, children laughing, music playing, and life itself, and yet our egos so often fixate on the money we do not have, the people we do not like, the stuff we want that we mistake for need.

 We are only human. We should forgive ourselves for this frequent focus on what we lack, on what is going wrong for us, on why things are so bad, versus all we are and all we have been given.
But we are human, and one of the many great gifts we have been given is our ability to recognize and be grateful for all we do have.
The beauty that is all around us. The joy, hope, wonder, stories and lessons that are inside the hearts of all those around us. The life and potential that is inside us.
It is my mission to remind people of the extreme importance of actively engaging in “intense experiences”: simple, positive and transformative new experiences that enable people to find, or refocus, on what really matters in their own lives. Experiences that enable people to achieve their greatest goals and achieve the inner peace and greater happiness that they already know deep inside is theirs. I provide these intense experiences through the free newsletter, and I provide them through my workshops, speaking engagements and other events.

Every day things happen to you and around you that, if you are watching, can teach you, inspire you, calm you, and remind you of what really matters, and what does not matter so much in the scheme of things.

What’s more, every day the world is just bursting with the potential for even more intense experiences if you make the effort to step into them...
Start a conversation with a stranger and, in ways small or large, it may just change your life.
Take a walk or drive somewhere new and, in ways small or large, it may just change your life.
Call someone you haven’t talked to for years. Pick a novel off the bookstore shelf based on intuition alone and read it to discover why your intuition led you to it. Decide you are going to learn how to tango, and then do it.
Or just step outside and be there.
Watch and hear what God, what nature, what the universe is telling you.
Perhaps a little yellow bird with grey wings will land on the branch of a tree near you, and it will look at you and chirp, and in those chirps a world of secrets will be revealed to you, too.
And be grateful.

Take the time to reflect on these intense experiences you actively engage in, and all those that happen to you.
We tend to invest so much energy in the things that bother us; naturally though what you put your energy into is the world you end up living in.
So invest your energy in recognizing and reflecting on the positive intense experiences. The more you can do this, the more these experiences will work their wonders in your life.


While waiting for idin to complete his 7 or 8 round of jogging here, i found the above email in my inbox (he's talking about yellow bird - for detail article you can visit his website). Coincidentally i've caught this couple of birds in action :)

life is based on your own perception - so you can add up your own dialogue for this couple:)


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