Friday, September 26, 2014

Memories in Bali

 Happy 18th Anniversary to me and Idin ;) Alhamdulillah and may Allah strengthen our love and unity..amiinn. 

Back to our 'Memories in Bali' (one of my fav Korean dramas starring Ha Ji Won heee) which were not that extraordinarily happening hahahaha may be due to old age and fatigue? Until now I'm still thinking why am I not missing Bali and even have no intention to return there for future vacation.

We landed in the 'island of gods' around 7pm local time which was exactly similar time with Malaysia, only that the sun has totally disappeared from the horizon and for Muslim the Isyak time was almost near. So for the sunset viewers, sunset in Bali is around 6pm - better be ready by 5.30pm to get your nice spot to enjoy it and taking picture of it, of course;) Because many people especially in Kuta beach, Uluwatu or Jimbaran beach would gather hoping to be able to be mesmerised by the beauty of it. There's even a road called Sunset Road somewhere in Kuta but very unlikely you can view the sunset due to endless buildings along the road. 

Like many other travellers to Bali where public transport is scarce and not their main mode of moving around the island, we have engaged a supir or personal driver via email and whatsapp few days before departure. A nice guy called Mr Yanto whom I believed has driven around most tourists from Malaysia judging from how easily his name popped out in most blogs I've surfed through for information. He has his own blog which I can't remember the link but if you search Yantohood you'll surely find it. The quotation for daily trips is there for your reference. It also depends on which places that you wish to go to but please note that it is not possible to cover all places in one day because of different routes and because of traffic jam! If you keen to enjoy the discoveries on your own (and cheaper) you can always rent a car or motorbike. However for first timers like us we'd rather let Mr Yanto drove us around heeee :D . Chauffeuring the tourists is the bread & butter for many Balinese people. In fact most of them can speak several languages fluently because of their profession ;)

When you are about to step out from the airport you'll see hundreds of Yanto-like supir each holding a placard of their passanger's names. It was easy to spot Ina & Idin among many of the placards - thanks, Yanto ;). If you do not engage any supir to pick you up from the airport then you have to queue up for a taxi ride. It would be better if you buy the airport taxi ticket as it would be cheaper compared to private transporters who could easily manipulate the fees. It is around IDR45,000 to IDR55,000 from airport to Kuta using airport taxi.

Again for the first timers, it'll be easier if you stay somewhere around Kuta coz it's near to the airport and Kuta beach hehheh, not forgetting many shops to feast your eyes and throw your cash. If you have bargaining prowess it's your call to shop around here especially for souvenirs but as for me Krisna is the best and cheapest shop that has it all under one roof and floor because too bad I'm not good at bargaining :(

The places to visit are no difference from those mentioned again and again in most stories of visit to Bali that you can find. The Kintamani with Batur lake and mountain view, luwak coffee, Tegalalang paddy field, Dreamland beach, Tanah Lot cliff, Uluwatu temple and cliff, Kuta beach for surfing, art galleries, batik, silver galleries, Lovina beach to watch dolphins, Nusa Dua beach to watch turtles, Jimbaran beach for seafood, Ubud for village life experience, the lakes and many temples. For me the most exciting places were Uluwatu and Tanah Lot because of the awesome view of the Indian Ocean from the cliff.


Dreamland or New Kuta beach

hiding from the sun at many small caves at Dreamland beach

Tanah Lot

One of the landmarks, temple at Tanah Lot

Apart from the cliffs and beaches, other attractions do not really impress me hehhehe..It's cold in Kintamani but it's colder in Genting Highland, Malaysia sans the volcano of course.And the food at Batur Sari which I guess the only restaurant where you can eat all you can while enjoying the mountain and lake view with cold wind blowing to sooth you, the food again....sorry to say...does not worth the IDR242,000 for two (including 20% tax) in terms of taste (our taste bud in particular..). There were plenty of food and choices but all were not as tasty as you expect them to be. They looked so nice and yummy but you have to taste them yourself to find out hahhahaha. I've read few bad reviews about the food there but I didn't really believe that not until I've tasted them myself. Ya it's true that different people have different preferences for food and I admit that I'm not a choosy eater either. I tried to console myself while eating at Batur Sari that the food was yummy yummy so that at least I managed to think that I enjoyed it. Food aside, the ambience was superb with cool air and breathtaking view accompanying your meal no complaints pleaseeee...

View from Batur Sari restaurant

Barren mountain

Food at Batur Sari

*For Malaysians who need to feel at home and assuarance of halal hotel food, you may stay at Wina Holiday Villa Hotel at Kuta nearby Hardrock Cafe.

Overall it was fun and enjoyable especially when you travel with your loved ones regardless of where you go. After four days, we bid farewell to Bali. Adios Bali till we meet again though we don't know when for Karuizawa is beckoning us again...


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