Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suizenji Jojuen Park, Kumamoto

It's been a year but the memories are still fresh in our mind. On the 3rd day in Kyushu island, we've had the opportunity to visit one of the 'must-see' spots in Kumamoto City.

The park which was built in 1632, has a replica of Mount Fuji, Lake Biwa, Izumi Shrine, Inari Shrine and a Noh stage. The fresh springs in the garden release clean, cold water, which flows there from Mt Aso (here ) via underground currents. The garden was built by the 3rd Lord of Hosokawa (Tadatoshi Hosokawa) as a tea retreat rendezvous. Actually, the name "Jojuen" was named after a character in a poem written by Tao Yuanming and this garden took about 80 years to complete !!

                    welcome to Suizenji Jojuen Garden!

         hundreds of years but still maintain the look

                                                        feeding time

                                 fresh spring water from Mt Aso

                                                    waiting for food

our energetic tour guide Mr Tabori - drinking the water
                                                   of longevity

                             not so energetic...............zzzzz

                            Tabori san, hope we'll meet again

                                      wake up from zzzzzzzzzzz

                                     about to have lunch here

                         restaurant with nice food and view :)