Saturday, January 5, 2013

My folding bike

Little red folding bike

I wrote about folding bike (here) almost a year ago  and never stopped dreaming to own one since then. Nothing syok about it, not as syok as owning a BMW like many of my peers have but it just reminds me of my primary school days - that time I owned not a second hand but may be sixth or seventh hand bicycle which can be unscrewed (literally yes, because there were 2 giant screws at the handle & middle part) into three parts which to the envy of my kampung friends hehehe. It was made in Germany and blue in colour. However there was no purpose of unscrewing the bike as it was not meant to be transported anywhere except for a ride to school!
Now few decades (waaa.. So old already ka?) later I got a brand new folding bike - thanks to Idin. Foldable and transportable;o)

So I can ride around Tasik Permaisuri or Lake Garden (here) remembering those old days...

1 bike for 2 ;)


Happy New Year 2013

A call from my dear friend prompted me to update my forgotten little blog ;)
As a start let me wish every visitors (who happen to stop by..), a very happy new year 2013.
Similar to last year we were counting down to 2013 at the coolest place, this time managed to view the fireworks - thanks to fogless weather. . Alhamdulillah.
view from the pedestrian bridge
hoping for a good year ahead
another reason for coming up here..slurrrp
                                                            final dabooommmm!
                                                             peace yo!

* happy new year Ruby ;)