Monday, April 25, 2011

Wujud Qidam Baqa'

Si Sai Baba mengaku dia tuhan, ada super power tapi macamana tuhan boleh mati?


Extracted from here

The spiritual guru, who was regarded by his followers as a manifestation of God in human form, had stated in 1963 that Prema Sai Baba will be the proclaimed future incarnation of him.

But the incarnation was reportedly to take place in 2023, with Sai Baba saying he would die at the age of 96 in 2022.

Now that Baba has died prematurely at 85, nobody knows when the next spiritual leader will arrive.


Sifat-sifat Allah


While waiting...part 3 (Even a Moron with a Dream...)

Masa tunggu adik saya Jumaat lepas, saya berkesempatan la melapuk di MPH Mid Valley dan sempat la browse thru buku "Even a Moron with a Dream" by Pathman Senathirajah. Seronok gak baca walaupun dia kata si Moron ni adalah golongan yang pergi kerja balik kerja tapi tak happy sebab asek kena marah ngan bos, tak cukup duit, tak ada financial freedom (tak kaya la tuh), tertakluk pada office hour, tak de kebebasan, pendek kata orang yang tak de bisnes sendiri la...macam saya. Saya moron?

Dia juga kata, semua orang boleh jadi millionaire dan orang yang bangang saja tak mau kete Ferrari atau pakai jam Rolex..dan tak mau duit banyak ha ha ha ha. So orang yang pakai jam RM10 - RM12 bangang ke?

Pada saya kalau semua orang nak jadi boss (business sendiri) sapa pulak nak jadi kuli? Kalau semua orang millionaire, sapa lak nak cuci longkang, kutip sampah, tangkap ikan, bersawah,  tukang kebun, keja ngan Indahwater, dreber bas, bawak taxi dan semua keja2 yang millionaire tak buat?

Saya pun fikir punya fikir...apakah kekayaan semata adalah ukuran kegembiraan? Boleh ke kita bayangkan tahap kegembiraan orang miskin dapat RM100 dengan millionaire dapat duit RM100?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

I wish Sir Richard Branson is my CEO :)

Ada ke CEO-CEO kat M'sia yang menghargai pekerja2 macam Richard Branson? 


Sir Richard Branson had his first jolt of entrepreneurial success when he published a magazine at 16. Since then, he’s become a respected leader of cutting-edge enterprises and an inspiring pioneer of humanitarian projects. Hundreds of businesses later and billions of dollars wealthier, he shares with me his top three leadership tips.
Branson’s first chunk of advice is to find good people and listen to them. “Assemble a great management team that has a vision, passion and a real sense of ownership,” he says. “Look for leaders who listen - both to employees and customers,” adding further that what results in brilliant customer service and innovative product development are leaders who seek the feedback of their employees and customers.
“When things start going wrong, it’s often because staff members feel they are being ignored and good ideas are not bubbling to the top,” he says, explaining that the best CEOs are not concerned with the size of their office “or the thickness of the carpet”, and instead place greater emphasis on unearthing what their employees are thinking and feeling.
Branson’s second leadership pointer is that employees aren’t just resources working in the business; they are the business. “A successful business isn’t the product or service, its supply chain or its corporate culture: it is a group of people bound together by a common purpose and vision,” he says. “The best-designed business plan will come to nothing if it is not carried out by an enthusiastic and passionate staff.”
He’s emphatic about the difference this makes when stuff-ups occur. A team of friendly and proactive employees can win customers over, but a team of cold and disinterested workers just make a tough situation worse. “The manager must back this up by looking for the best in people,” he says. “Rather than focusing on mistakes, catch someone doing something right every day.”
Which leads to the one leadership action that’s easier to administer than any other, and yet is the single factor consistently lacking in many workplaces: recognition. “Fostering employee development through praise and recognition starts at the top,” he says. “It helps stamp out the fear of failure that can stunt a business, particularly in its early days. When mistakes inevitably happen, take the position that you have to learn from them. Try not to dwell on what went wrong. It’s almost always better not to go over the obvious with the people involved. They know exactly what happened.”
Branson’s third recommendation for excellent leadership is exemplified by his branding and the experience people have when interacting with his staff: lighten up. “Find the fun in your business,” he says. “Try to ensure that both your staff and customers feel a real sense of warmth and affection.” He advises leaders that for employees to treat clients in a heartfelt and attentive way, they need to love their work and be proud of the company.  “So look for people who show genuine enthusiasm and character and try to manage them that way.”
Despite asking him for just three tips, Branson threw in a bonus one: courage. “My phrase over the years has been - Screw it, just do it, because to succeed as a business leader, you must have the bravery to give it a go,” he says.  “One needs resolve and conviction to overcome hurdles and give people confidence to follow you.”
My blog post a fortnight ago dissected a harsh book that urges leaders to use fear, tyranny, and micromanagement to succeed in business. People like Richard Branson prove that the opposite is true.  It’s not fear that motivates employees; but hope and vision. It’s not tyranny that gets the best out of people; but consultation and collaboration. It’s not micromanagement that results in high performance; but compassion and ownership.
Coincidentally, Branson will be here in September speaking at the Ultimate Success Summit – the same month that brutal book gets released in Australia. One will be spreading a message that inspires, while the other will seek to incite the ire of those who read it. One breaks world records with hot air balloons. The other is full of hot air. Give me Branson any day.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Am Down, But I Will Rise Again

For those feeling down ... from loss, heartbreak, fear or anything ... keep talking through the tears. The tears are okay. Let its truth inside you. And please pass it on to others who can use it.

I am down.
And that is okay.
I may be down for a while,
But I will rise again.
And when I rise,
I will rise higher
Than I’ve gone before,
I will be stronger
Than I’ve been before.
I will thrive.

I am down.
And that is okay.
I may be down for a while,
And not want to move forward.
But though it may be slowly,
I will move forward
To a better place
Than I was before.
The journey gets brighter
Ahead of me.

I am down.
And that is okay.
I may be down for a while.
But I will again rise.
And when I rise
I will rise higher
Than I’ve gone before,
And I will be stronger
Than I’ve been before.
There is great hope.
There is great love.
They are mine.
I will again fly free.

from here

Saturday, April 9, 2011

While waiting...part 2 (perception on life)

We do take a lot for granted, don’t we?
Here are the air, sun, and stars, water flowing, clouds rolling, children laughing, music playing, and life itself, and yet our egos so often fixate on the money we do not have, the people we do not like, the stuff we want that we mistake for need.

 We are only human. We should forgive ourselves for this frequent focus on what we lack, on what is going wrong for us, on why things are so bad, versus all we are and all we have been given.
But we are human, and one of the many great gifts we have been given is our ability to recognize and be grateful for all we do have.
The beauty that is all around us. The joy, hope, wonder, stories and lessons that are inside the hearts of all those around us. The life and potential that is inside us.
It is my mission to remind people of the extreme importance of actively engaging in “intense experiences”: simple, positive and transformative new experiences that enable people to find, or refocus, on what really matters in their own lives. Experiences that enable people to achieve their greatest goals and achieve the inner peace and greater happiness that they already know deep inside is theirs. I provide these intense experiences through the free newsletter, and I provide them through my workshops, speaking engagements and other events.

Every day things happen to you and around you that, if you are watching, can teach you, inspire you, calm you, and remind you of what really matters, and what does not matter so much in the scheme of things.

What’s more, every day the world is just bursting with the potential for even more intense experiences if you make the effort to step into them...
Start a conversation with a stranger and, in ways small or large, it may just change your life.
Take a walk or drive somewhere new and, in ways small or large, it may just change your life.
Call someone you haven’t talked to for years. Pick a novel off the bookstore shelf based on intuition alone and read it to discover why your intuition led you to it. Decide you are going to learn how to tango, and then do it.
Or just step outside and be there.
Watch and hear what God, what nature, what the universe is telling you.
Perhaps a little yellow bird with grey wings will land on the branch of a tree near you, and it will look at you and chirp, and in those chirps a world of secrets will be revealed to you, too.
And be grateful.

Take the time to reflect on these intense experiences you actively engage in, and all those that happen to you.
We tend to invest so much energy in the things that bother us; naturally though what you put your energy into is the world you end up living in.
So invest your energy in recognizing and reflecting on the positive intense experiences. The more you can do this, the more these experiences will work their wonders in your life.


While waiting for idin to complete his 7 or 8 round of jogging here, i found the above email in my inbox (he's talking about yellow bird - for detail article you can visit his website). Coincidentally i've caught this couple of birds in action :)

life is based on your own perception - so you can add up your own dialogue for this couple:)


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hey today is 6th April again

What is so special about 6th April? Of course it is..coz today is my birthday! Alhamdulillah, i've lived this long - 42 years. I've planned to pamper myself today (alone - only myself and i) but instead here i am at my fav hiding place -  'bilik karel 19'

My head or my heart (donno which one) is full of lamentations of what i have achieved so far (dunia & akhirat) and i'm trying so hard to reverse all the negative thinking until i read an article in theStar today. While i'm thinking how to cope with the upcoming TUV audit next week, unfinished assignments, whether i should stay in current company, whether i should quit, whether i can get better opportunity, whether there's any light at the end of the tunnel, whether this whether that, this young boy At the age of 8, he's coping with questions we find hard to imagine: How do you prepare for a life of blindness? What would you want to see? What would you do?

Tom Fox Zach Thibodeaux practices reading Braille with his tutor Beth Jeffrey during his after-school tutoring session at Mary Immaculate Catholic School in the city of Farmers Branch, Texas on March 3, 2011. Zach meets with his tutor several times a week to prepare himself with a life without sight.

Look at him! Ina, should you lament for all the blessings that you have? Smile and say Happy Birthday :D


Sunday, April 3, 2011

saya bukan cilok ehh

Gempak gempak! (pada saya saja...lansung tak pada orang lain larr..). Dah beberapa bulan guna header 'sayasuka' baru terjumpa blog lain yang dah guna nama ni :(  Sorry brother, saya bukan cilok ehh... Sebab bila google 'sayasuka' tak keluar pun blog brother ni (saya tengok google first page jerr) so ingatkan selamat laa. Tak caya suba tengok kat sini.. tak de kan? kan?

Alih-alih ternampak kat sini. Sedih dan pilu huhuhu...
Jadi, mulai hari ni let's say ya suka :D


Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 So-Called "Healthy" Foods that You Should STOP Eating (if you want a lean healthy body)

sent via email from Ms Choong PW - thanks PW:)

by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Author of the best-seller:  
The Truth About Six Pack Abs

I was reading a statistic in a nutrition book recently, and this is going to shock you...
Now before I tell you the statistic, let's keep an important fact in mind... according to well renowned nutrition author Michael Pollan, and his amazing book called 
In Defense of Food, humankind has historically consumed approximately 80,000 different species of edible plants, animals, and fungi, and approximately 3,000 of those have been widespread foods of the human diet.
Now get ready for a shocking and appalling statistic...
Currently, the average adult eating a typical modern western diet in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, etc consumes approximately 67% of their total caloric intake from only 3 foods -- CORN, SOY, AND WHEAT (and their derivatives).
What would be considered a reasonably healthy amount of corn, soy, and wheat in the human diet?  Based on 10's of thousands of years of human history, and what the natural diet of our ancestors was (indicating what our digestive systems are still programmed to process), this would probably be in the range of about 1% to 5% MAX of our total calories from corn, soy, and wheat.
Considering that modern humans are eating 67% of their total calories from corn, soy, wheat... you can see why we have massive problems in our health, and our weight!
It's not a surprise that we have so many intolerance and allergies, specifically to soy and wheat (and gluten intolerance)... the human digestive system was simply never meant to consume these substances in such MASSIVE quantities.
Keep in mind that these massively high levels of corn, soy, and wheat in our modern human diet is a relatively new phenomenon that originated from the economics of the multi-billion dollar corn, soy, and wheat industries.  It really HAS been all about the money... NOT about our health!
By "derivatives" of corn, soy, and wheat, this means the food additives such as:

  • high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  • corn oil
  • soybean oil (hydrogenated or plain refined)
  • soy protein
  • refined wheat flour
  • hundreds of other food additives such as maltodextrin, corn or wheat starch, soy lecithin, mono and diglycerides, etc, etc
This doesn't surprise me... consider how much soda or other sweetened drinks (with loads of HFCS) that the average person drinks daily... this is a LOT of calories from just 1 sole corn derivative.  Even marinades, salad dressings, ketchup, breads, and 100's of other foods contain loads of belly-fattening HFCS!
Also think about how many processed foods we have that are either fried in soybean or corn oil... and even if the foods are not fried in these oils, these oils are additives to almost every processed food... chips, candies, cakes, salad dressings, tomato sauces, burrito wraps, corn chips, breaded chicken, etc, etc.  This is a LOT of calories from these 2 other corn and soy derivatives... both of them EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY!
On top of that, think about how much breads, cereals, pastas, muffins, and other highly processed wheat products that most people consume each day.  Again, this is LOADS of unhealthy, blood-sugar spiking, nutrient-poor calories, that more than half of the population has some degree of intolerance to anyway.
It gets even worse!
Not only are we eating 67% of our total calories from corn, soy, and wheat... but because of the economics involved (specifically with cheap corn and soy) we are also feeding most of our farm animals corn and soy now too... again amplifying the amount of corn and soy that passes through the food chain and (from a biochemical standpoint) ends up in our bodies.
Probably the 2 worst examples of this blatant mismanagement of our food supply is how our factory farmed chickens and cows are fed.
Cows are fed mostly corn in factory feedlot farms, even though their digestive systems are only meant to eat grass and other forage. This makes the cows sick (hmm... E-coli anyone?), alters the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of the fats to unhealthy levels, and also diminishes the healthy CLA fats that would occur naturally in grass-fed beef.  All of these problems go away if our cows are fed what they were made to eat naturally - grass!
Our chickens are also fed a diet of mostly corn and soy and crowded in tight pens in horrendous conditions... when the fact is that a chicken was meant to roam around the outdoors eating a mixture of greens, insects, worms, seeds, etc.  When chickens are kept inside in tight quarters and fed only grains, it leads to an unhealthy meat for you to eat, and less healthy eggs compared to free-roaming chickens allowed to eat an outdoors diet.
Our food supply has gotten so screwed up that we're even feeding our salmon and other farmed fish corn and soy...again because of the economics involved.  How ludicrous is this, considering that fish are meant to eat a diverse diet of smaller fish, worms, bugs, etc.  Again this makes farm raised fish unhealthy in terms of nutrition compared to the wild counterparts.  If you want to see something even scarier about farm-raised fish, watch this quick video about the toxic fish you might be buying.
So even when you're eating chicken, beef, and fish, you're still essentially getting even MORE corn and soy into your body...considering that the cows, chickens, and farmed fish ate mostly soy and corn.
So it's actually WORSE than just 67% isn't it!
Why is it so unhealthy to consume 2/3rds of our calories from corn, soy, and wheat?
Well, this section could encompass an entire book, so to keep this short, I'll just throw out a few random reasons...
  • Skews the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in our diet to as high as 30:1, when a ratio of 1:1 to 2:1 is considered healthy.
  • Problems with gluten intolerance (related to heavy wheat consumption)
  • Problems with weight gain, blood-sugar swings, and reduced insulin sensitivity (and progression of diabetes) due to excessive refined corn and wheat flours, as well as HFCS in our diet
  • Soy and corn are the most genetically modified crops (which also allows more pesticides and herbicides to be used, which are usually "xenoestrogens")
  • Many of the pesticide and herbicide residues in these crops are xenoestrogens, which can increase "stubborn" belly fat 
  • Soy products and derivatives contain a double-whammy of xenoestrogens as well as phytoestrogens... again creating an environment in your body for fat storage, carcinogenic effects, and even "man boobs" for some men in very severe cases
  • The feeding of corn and soy to animals reduces the health and nutritional benefits of those animal products
  • and the list could go on and on and on...
So how do you avoid all of this overwhelming amount of corn, soy, and wheat in our food supply, and finally take control of your weight and your health?
1. Don't purchase processed foods!  It all starts with your grocery cart discipline... choose only 1-ingredient foods such as fruits, veggies, beans, eggs (free roaming), nuts, seeds, and meats from grass-fed or free roaming animals that are raised correctly.  Only resort to junk foods or processed foods on a 1-day per week "cheat day" but ONLY when dining out... that way, the processed foods aren't in your house to tempt you.
2. Get most of your carbs from fruits and veggies instead of grains.
3.  Avoid store bought salad dressings as they almost always contain soybean oil and HFCS (instead, try myhomemade healthy salad dressing)
4. Make sure that your tomato sauces don't have HFCS and soybean oils... look for sauces made with olive oil instead.  Remember to avoid unhealthy canola oils too!
5. If you like guacamole (one of the healthiest snacks on the planet!), try veggie sticks with guacamole instead of genetically-modified, oil-soaked corn chips
6. If you like hummus, try veggies sticks with hummus instead of pita chips or other bread.
7. Reduce your cereal, bread, and pasta intake by having these foods only on "cheat days" and stick to more of the 1-ingredient foods I mentioned in #1 above.  Try some of these healthy snacks as good alternatives (yes, I know that one of the 13 snacks on there has sprouted grain, which is fine on occasion).
I could go on with more examples, but I think that's good for now.
So with all of this said... Is my diet perfect?  Well, no of course not!  Nobody is perfect, and I can give in to temptation on occasion just like anybody else.
However, I'd estimate that my corn/soy/wheat consumption is only about 2-4% of my total caloric intake compared to 67% for the average person.  The way that I achieve this is to simply not bring any corn, soy, or wheat products into my house, so I'm never tempted by it.  Therefore, at least 6 days/week, I eat virtually no corn/soy/wheat, except for the occasional piece of sprouted grain toast a couple times a week (which is a better option than typical "whole grain" bread).
I do, however, give in and sometimes eat breads, pasta, and even corn chips, etc. when I'm dining out.  I see these as my cheat meals and try to do this no more than once per week.  I still completely eliminate sodas and deep fried foods though...they are just TOO evil!
Please share this article with your friends and family on email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc... this is one of the MAJOR reasons that we are so unhealthy and overweight as a society... 67% of our calories from just 3 foods (and their derivatives) is an appalling statistic!  Don't give in to the marketing machine that is the corn, soy, and wheat industries!  Take control of your OWN health instead of letting big corporations take control of your health.
Too many theories and arguments on what should be eaten and what not nowadays. I guess everyone has his or her own preference. As for me, i still maintain my weight which has never exceed 56kg ( hope i won't) as yet. May be it's genetic or may be just a coincident :D. Below are my eating habits;
- i love love love love nasi (rice) - can't do without
- i love love love cili api (chillies), especially raw
- i love chicken and of course egg (trying to switch to fish and hey, dory fish is okay too ha ha ha, but is it farmed fish fed with corn??)
- i don't like bread
- i don't like pizza
- just trying (quite hard) to love fruits nowadays
- trying to avoid meat (used to love it too)
- i don't like snacks, biscuits, or munching between meals (of course i do, once in a while but i just lazy to munch all the time as my preference is heavy meal)
- i don't like pop corn too and i can't imagine why people love eating pop corn while watching movies :)
- i do have sweet tooth 'once' in a month (automatically i'll be craving for sweet things esp. cakes)
- i hate asam boi
- i don't like to drink while eating nasi (recently i had lunch with old friends and they still remember that i don't drink during meal nor immediately after meal)

No offend please...the above are just my personal preferences and opinion. You may eat what you like and while you can. But i heard it'll be better if we eat food of many colours and don't eat one or two types too excessively. Another thing is don't think slim is healthy and vice versa...

yellow orange or orange orange ?

normal Blood Pressure reading