Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mount Aso, Kumamoto

This is one of the places which I've intended to visit in Kumamoto after surfing for information including blog walking on the net. In the search I've stumbled upon many blogs (mostly owned by Malaysian students in Kyushu) which has somehow fascinated me to have my own blog - which I indeed started a year later (I'm too slowwww)

The view changes according to season. How I wish to come back in spring perhaps? By the way, more info on Mount Aso at

                                                  treeless mountain

                         cattles are grazing cold and dry grasses

                                                         green and blue

                                 view changes according to season

                                          Yasuda sans at the crater

                                      kawaiii..- my fav pix

                            a gift shop at Mount Aso

this is where Idin gets his 'samurai sword' - read here

hope we'll visit this place again


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